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Mortgage rates are low, historically low! When is a good time to refinance? Certainly when interest rates are low, so as to lower monthly payments or extract cash equity for home improvement or other financial obligations. Another consideration might be to adjust the length of your mortgage, or change it from an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to a low, fixed-rate mortgage.

Things to consider that might not make refinancing a good option for you right now would include: a prepayment penalty on your current mortgage, or if you plan to move in the next few years. You would need to first determine whether refinancing costs would justify a refinance action. Also consider how long you've had your current mortgage. At the tail end of a mortgage amortization, most of the payment is applied to principal. By refinancing you start the whole amortization process over again, with the majority of the payments made to interest.

Choosing a mortgage is likely one of the most important and long-lasting financial decisions you will make. Let Resource Mortgages help you all along the way. Start with our handy mortgage calculator, or call Resource Mortgages directly— to help layout all your options, find your best rate and step you through the entire process. Begin with the form to the right, or call today - 888-877-5305!

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