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First time home buyer? Relocating? We can help.

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Buying a new home? It can be a complex and confusing ordeal, especially for first time home buyers. Resource Mortgages offers personal one-on-one service and can help you all along the way through your mortgage process. We can help you determine how much you can afford and let you know how your income, credit rating, expenses, interest rates, points and down payment all play into the equation.

With mortgage rates at amazing low rates and housing prices at its lowest prices in decades, buying a home today may be just the thing for any home buyer. There is a wide selection of housing of all kinds to choose from. Whether first time buyer, relocating, looking to move into a better home or more suitable location, today's housing landscape is a buyer's market—if you go into correctly. Resource Mortgages can guide you.

Once you have chosen a new home, Resource Mortgages can provide you with the most logical mortgage loan program for you, whether it's a fixed-rate mortgage type, FHA loan, VA loan, ARM loans, or any specialty loan types. We also educate our customers on the dangers of the risky type of mortgage deals they may hear about. In addition, there are numerous programs to consider. Resource Mortgages can alert you to any state and federal programs that may benefit you.

Allow Resource Mortgages to help you right from the beginning. Start with our handy mortgage calculator, or call Resource Mortgages directly— to help layout all your options, find your best rate and step you through the entire process. Begin with the form to the right, or call today - 888-877-5305!

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